Studio: (507) 222-4127 (if you’re using a Carleton campus phone, just dial the last four digits) – note that the studio phone is only answered while we’re on air.

If you want to get in touch with us, feel free to send an email to any member of the Board of Directors. Any one of us can point you in the right direction, but here are some starting points for common contacts.

Music Directors

Are you an artist, label, or promotion company with music to share? Your first contacts should be our music directors. They are Cyrus Deloye ’17, Paco Alvarez ’18 and Katie Williams ’18. You can reach them individually at:

  • Cyrus: deloyec at carleton dot edu
  • Paco: alvarezf at carleton dot edu
  • Katie: williamsc2 at carleton dot edu

RF Engineer

Is something not working as expected in the studio? Our RF Engineer, Jacob Rockey ’19, should be able to help. Please give him a call if it’s important (his phone number is in the studio), if it’s not an emergency, feel free to shoot him an email.

  • Jacob: rockeyj at carleton dot edu

IT Engineers

If a studio computer isn’t working or the online stream goes down, KRLX has two IT engineers who can troubleshoot the issue. You can email either Tate Bosler ’19 or Ahmed Abdirahman ’19.

  • Tate: boslert at carleton dot edu
  • Ahmed: abdirahmana at carleton dot edu

General Contact

If you’re still unsure who to contact or want to get in touch with the whole board at once, get in contact with our Station Manager Alex Tippett ’17. He’ll forward your message on to the rest of the board if necessary.

  • Alex: tippetta at carleton dot edu

Carls can also send a message to the krlxboard listserv, but your message will get through faster if you email Alex directly.