The phone number for the KRLX studio is 507-222-4127.

During Late Night Trivia, follow instructions at to see which number to call for various parts of the game.

If none of the contacts listed on this page are able to help you, or if you have a general question or inquiry, you can contact the station manager at

Submit your music

If you represent an artist, label, or promotion company, and you want to submit new music for promotion on-air, get in touch with our music directors at to start the new music submission process. The process is roughly the same for both digital and physical media.

Record Libe contact point

To contact the Record Libe manager, email

Report a problem with the studio

If something’s not working, DJs are required to inform an engineer of the problem immediately.

Report problems with the computer, website, song logger, or stream to an IT engineer, either via email at, or by calling or texting the IT engineer on call as listed on the SOS board in the studio.

Report audio and transmission related problems to the RF engineer, via email at or by calling or texting the RF engineer on call as listed on the SOS board in the studio.

If you’re not sure who to contact, email and your message will be forwarded to all IT and RF engineers.

Engineers are only on call while classes are in session at Carleton.

Report a compliance issue

Please report all compliance issues to our compliance director at This includes any reports of DJs arriving late to their shows.

If the show behind you is running late, use the Help button on Mission Control on the studio computer for instructions on who to call.