Mission Statement

The mission of KRLX 88.1 FM is to support media literacy as a practical expression of the liberal arts through the production of independent news, documentaries, art, and music. We do this through education in broadcasting and production geared towards a mandate of community service.

Board of Directors

Alex Tippett ’17

Station Manager
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Nyack, NY

As Station Manager of KRLX, Alex tries to keep the radio on and everyone happy. You can probably find him playing music at an unreasonable volume in the record libe.

Martha Durrett ’18

Programming Director
Major: Computer Science / English
Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, MI

Martha is the programming director for KRLX and it’s her job to make sure that every hour of the week is filled with interesting content. She also coordinates interviews to be broadcasted during Faculty Fireside. She also works in the dining halls, ensuring forks are available at all times.

Anne Guttridge ’18

Compliance Director
Major: Sociology & Anthropology
Hometown: Columbus, OH

As the Compliance Director for KRLX, Anne is responsible for training new DJs and making sure that KRLX is abiding by federal guidelines. When she’s not at KRLX she is usually singing in a choir/jazz ensemble/band, playing tennis, or pretending to be good at guitar. She is notorious for only listening to one song off of an album, which she believes is her fatal flaw.

Madeline Garcia ’18

Promotions Director
Major: Studio Art
Hometown: San Diego, CA

Off campus for Winter 2017

Madeline is the promotions director. She makes all promotional content for the radio station, and then some. If you want to help her create posters each week of even design KRLX t-shirts you should join the promotional team. If you don’t want to help her, you should listen to her radio shows YO YOU UP or Gameboyadvancegirl. If you don’t want to listen to her on the radio, you can meet her in person or on venmo @puppypuppy.

Julia Gross ’18

Record Libe Manager
Major: German / History
Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Julia oversees the Record Library’s extensive CD and Record collection in addition to maintaining the space as an accessible place for everyone to come and talk about music. The Record Library is her favorite place on campus and so you’ll find her there listening to Beatles LPs and drinking excessive amounts of coffee.

Cyrus Deloye ’17

Music Director
Major: Biology
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Cyrus Deloye listens to music he likes and then he likes to tell you about it. Cyrus Deloye is neither a slave to the Man nor the Machine. Cyrus Deloye is the guy you go to when you’ve got a problem that won’t go away. Cyrus Deloye is your friend, and he wants you to come to Music Club. Don’t disappoint Cyrus Deloye – not that you could!

Paco Alvarez ’18

Music Director
Major: English
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Off campus for Winter 2017

While you may only ever hear him talk about Shakey Graves and bad lo-fi California surf punk bands, Paco really loves listening to tons of new music each week and choosing the best of it to stream into your ear-holes. Paco likes KRLX because it’s super inclusive and gives him tiny amounts of power that get to his head.

Katie Williams ’18

Music Director
Major: Studio Art
Hometown: Clyde Hill, WA

Off campus for Winter 2017

As one of the Music Directors at KRLX, Katie listens to and reviews new music that comes in to the station. Katie loves being in the Record Libe and would probably make it her permanent residence if that were allowed. She spends much of her free time sleeping, taking BuzzFeed quizzes and reading about astrology.

Bobby Volpendesta ’18

Content Director
Major: Cinema & Media Studies
Hometown: Woodstock, IL

Bobby is one of two Content Directors. A dynamic duo of sorts, the Content Directors work together to [d]irect the [c]ontent of KRLX. More specifically, Bobby helps to organize Live at the Cave, edits videos and whatnot, and much, much more. Soon, Bobby aims to produce what they dub “KRL[E]X[P],” a suspiciously lowbrow amalgamation of “KEXP” that, in theory, would involve recording bands in the Record Libe with not one, but TWO cameras, and ultimately combining this footage with well-mixed audio. Bobby loves KRLX, working sound at the Cave, and Yoko Ono. Feel free to shoot Bobby an email should you wish to submit content to the website.

JP Beaty ’19

Content Director
Hometown: Wayzata, MN

JP “Content Director” Beaty
JP “Yeah…no” Beaty
JP “Are You That Guy Who Submits to the Clap” Beaty
JP “Phat Beat(y)s” Beaty
JP “Actually It’s Post-Rock But… I Can Turn it Off if You Want” Beaty
JP “Jbeaty17 on Last.Fm” Beaty
JP “That Guy in a Clipping. Shirt” Beaty
JP “Borders on Incoherent” Beaty
JP “Just HAS to Write His Bio Like This” Beaty

Alyk (“Ark”) Kenlan ’18

Business Manager
Major: Cinema & Media Studies
Hometown: Black Mountain, NC

Off campus Winter 2017

Ark is the business manager for KRLX, which means he deals with all the money. In addition to KRLX, Ark is also on the board of the Model United Nations team and keeps a regular blog at akenlan.com. Ark’s history in radio stretches his entire life. He grew up listening to NPR and Morning Edition every morning on his way to school. This love for talk and research radio has stayed with him and has been his impetus to run two research based shows: Arkadia and Procedure Word. He looks forward to helping fund and produce the amazing creativity and work that comes out of KRLX and is proud to be your Business Manager.

Jacob Rockey ’19

RF Engineer
Hometown: Leesburg, IN

Jacob grew up in an Indiana town where he grew up tall and he grew up right and now he’s the RF Engineer for KRLX. He’s primarily responsible for making sure that all of the fancy equipment down in the studio is functioning properly. If you have a spare roll of electrical tape, he sure could use it.

Tate Bosler ’19

IT Engineer
Hometown: Saint Paul, MN

Tate is one of two IT engineers, and it’s his job to make sure that the website, online stream, and application system are all up and running. He wrote the application system KRLX has used since spring term, as well as the CBD, which is used by hundreds of students on a regular basis. He can usually be found in his room, working on some sort of programming project for the station or just for fun. He is well known for traversing campus at high speeds on his scooter, and wearing shorts and a t-shirt when it’s only 40 degrees outside in March.

Ahmed Abdirahman ’19

IT Engineer
Hometown: Portland, ME

Ahmed helps run KRLX’s IT infrastructure, and he makes sure DJs don’t have any catastrophic computer problems in the studio. He enjoys music (duh), long walks on the beach, and memes.