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Things I Learned from The TOPS Show at the Cave (Interview)

Interview With TOPS



I had a great time at the TOPS show. I think everyone who was there had a great time and I have been doing my best to rub it in for those folks that left early or made no effort to attend. I learned a lot that night through interviewing David Carriere and Jane Penny before, dancing like I was possessed during, and hanging out with the band after the show when they came back to Steak house to crash on our couches. Here is a nearly comprehensive list of what I learned:

²  Jane Penny has a great laugh—it almost verges on villainous, but is overwhelmingly positive and reassuring.

²  Childhood never ends (according to David)

²  The erasure of Silly Kissers’ albums was an unintentional casualty of how the Internet works and not part of some conspiracy.

²  Riley Fleck (Drums) is insanely good at Bananagrams.

²  People in San Francisco love Tupac Sweatshirts.

²  Jane is shy talking about loogies, but not hawking them.

²  When things get rough black pantyhose has a secondary function.

²  Everyone loves music, even sober, uniform-clad, Sprite-drinking, Southern boys.

²  Alana DeVito (Bass) is the most excited about Canada’s new prime minister.

²  Tops’ sound engineer is a master of his craft. He also wears tighty-whities.

²  Your favorite musicians are just people, knowing that can make it more fun to talk to them.

²  Jane is actually Adam Sandler’s Daughter

²  Marianne Faithfull made a cool fantasy album with Angelo Badalamenti in 1995.


These things and more are better contextualized in the embedded interview below.



Interview with Sean Carey

S. Carey played at the cave this past Thursday, and we (KRLX & the 'tonian) got to sit down and chat with him for a few minutes after the show. Here's a chunk of the transcript


Sam Keyes (KRLX): To start it off - can we hear more about your band, and how S. Carey has evolved from what you had initially intended it to be?

Sean Carey: I guess when I started, it was just an outlet for me to write my own songs and really had no expectations about where it would go and what it would be. For the first record, I assembled these guys - not all of 'em, but 3 of 'em - and we went out and toured for about a year. During that, we had a different bugle player with us... we had a clarinetest play with us for a week... and we had Ben, the guy on pedal-steel come and play. Mikey, a guy from Bon Iver came to play viola with us. But anyway, it turned into the 5 of us that became the core group. For the new record, I used them on the recording a lot and it was much more of a "band thing." I would come in with a song, just bare-bones chords, melody and lyrics, and we'd all do the arrangements together.



Peep KRLX speaking with Har Mar Superstar and Gordon Voidwell before their show at the Cave on 4/11/14.




The Walkmen Bandemonium Interview with Sophie Kissin

Be sure to tune in from 4-6pm every Sunday afternoon for KRLX Radio's Bandemonium. Bandemonium is a KRLX exclusive 2 hour special where DJs focus on one artist, band, or genre. This week is The Walkmen with Sophie Kissin.


Why did you choose The Walkmen?

The Walkmen is one of my all-time favorite bands and they just announced in November that they'd be going on extended hiatus. This made me very worried and sad and I thought I'd better do a Bandemonium tribute to them!


Grizzly Bear Bandemonium Interview with Ian Mercer

Be sure to tune in from 4-6pm every Sunday afternoon for KRLX Radio's Bandemonium. Bandemonium is a KRLX exclusive 2 hour special where DJs focus on one artist, band, or genre. This week is Grizzly Bear with Ian Mercer. 


Fall Flashback: Interview with Big Dipper

Last fall, I had the opportunity to interview Big Dipper, a rap artist from Chicago who breaks gender and sexuality boundaries with his music. While on campus, he performed at the Cave, conducted a workshop through the Gender and Sexuality Center, and also found a few minutes to sit down and talk with me. Be sure to check out the Cave's website to learn more about the interesting performers who will be coming to campus this term!

KK: Who was Big Dipper before he was Big Dipper?

BD: Well, I was always busy. I went to college for theater, and I moved to Chicago where I was working as a theatre artist: directing, working as a choreographer, and teaching. I was constantly gigging around and doing a bunch of things, which actually really helped prepare me for what I have to do now. I’m an independent artist, which means I don’t have support from marketing and I don’t have support from a label. I literally do everything myself, and that job-juggling from my post-collegiate days was really helpful to what I’m doing now.