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Music Director Reviews of the Week

Reality Serum 


Dope. Dope. Dope. Psychedelic and experimental beats that have clearly been thought out and push the limits of what has been done. They carve out their own sound with the beats. The rapping feels old school though and pays homage to 90s legends like Tribe Called Quest and Wu Tang Clan.


RIYL Tribe Called Quest, Cake, Linkin’ Park





Former spooky caveman noise-rockers dig into waist-deep post-apocalyptic bog grooves. Axe-grinding riffs turn to ass-grinding blips. Listen to after a rainstorm in an abandoned factory.


RIYL HEALTH, Fuck Buttons, Tyondai Braxton, Crystal Castles, Justice



The Irenes


Each song starts as a funky groove built from the bottom up. The verses stay stripped down and groovy while the choruses get into interesting pop melodies. The lead singer has a sweet voice to complement and contrast the heaviness of the low end and the quietness of the guitar.


RIYL The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Dr. Dog





Peep KRLX speaking with Har Mar Superstar and Gordon Voidwell before their show at the Cave on 4/11/14.




Bandemonium Spring Schedule

Live at the Cave Schedule Spring 2014

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Spring Live at the Cave

Tune in, or better yet, come to the Cave at 8PM on Wednesdays this spring for live music, performance poetry, panel discussions, game shows and more!

Here's an episode from this past winter featuring Carleton student band, "SUNSHiP."


Modest Mouse Bandemonium

Check out this interview with Modest Mouse Bandemonium host, A. Noah Harrison:


Why did you choose Modest Mouse?

Modest Mouse have transformed my experience as a fan. I had no idea about the power of lyrics until I actually started listening to what Modest Mouse had to say. Over the course of a few months in early high school, I devoured each of their albums, more or less chronologically, exposing myself to more pain and loathing than is possibly healthy for a 15 year old. Each album flows like poetry. They sing about the desolate landscapes of the American West and of outer space. I've always been captivated by their heartbreaking melodies and spine-crushing riffs. 


Look Out Below, Bands You Don't Know

Check out this catchy track from an up and coming pysch-rock group out of Madison. They call themselves D o l o r e s. If you like this one, they even have a couple more tracks up on their soundcloud for your listening enjoyment!

KRLX on Parks and Recreation

Last Night on Parks and Recreation, Ben Wyatt (played by Adam Scott) admitted that he DJed a show on Carleton College radio called "Zoot Suit Wyatt" that aired on Tuesdays 3-5am. 

Check out the clip below, and be sure to tune in this term for more awesome 24/7 free form college radio.