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New K. Raydio - The Back Wall

The talented and lovely K. Raydio dropping a new video, from her album with O-D "One Drop." Stream / purchase the record here.


Who IS... MSG Beats???????????

The Cloth (Live Recording)

Here's a live recording of a Carleton Story Slam, featuring Carleton student's and some wacky and heartfelt stories. Give it a listen!

Chillwave is Post-Chillwave


By: Ian Mercer

(This article previously appeared in Volume 3 Issue 2 of No Fidelity)
Don’t go writing a two-page CLAP article about me being an asshole for writing this title.  I promise: this isn’t about Chillwave being shitty; it’s just a few observations on the unique space that the genre occupied in contemporary music history,
 Since nobody can agree on what this genre actually is, I’ll refer to a dictionary: “Chillwave is a genre of music whose artists are often characterized by their heavy use of effects processing, synthesizers, looping, sampling, and heavily filtered vocals with simple melodic lines.”  The term itself was coined by the editor-in-chief (known only as “Carles”) of the music blog “Hipster Runoff.”  This essay will outline the 3 standard-bearers of the movement before entering into a brief discourse on the state of Chillwave today.

Live @ The Cave with X^2

Deception Bay - Fortune Days

This is the inaugural upload of an new mp3 blog, curated by the krlx staff, that will mine and put to mp3 some treasures of the Record Libe. Expect no thematic continuity beyond interesting music pre-1997 or so. Our first offering is Deception Bay's 1993 debut album Fortune Days.

Deception Bay - Fortune Days


Fortune Days

Deception Bay released two albums and an EP in the late 80s and early 90s on the LA imprint Independent Project Music. Fortune Days is their first full length release, from mid 1993. They're a goth rock band that favors cyclical rhythms, chanted vocals, and drifting, distorted lead guitar. Like a fucked up Calvin Johnson, or Can post-apocalypse. Would be really good for walking home after a big fight with your partner through a melting city, fending off stray dogs with an improvised dog fighting tool (hockey stick with broken glass glued to it, maybe) on your way back to the sewer where the last humans live. 



An interview with VIPER

aN interviwe with da man, da legend, da rapper.....VIPER

by Cisco “da beez kneez” Haywire and David “where am i” DeMark 


 No Fidelity: I’ve noticed you have hundreds of thousands of albums on Spotify. How do you do it?

Viper: Man just hard work you know, working in the studio! I’m working on an album right now with a dude named Cali Cash Flow. He’s doing five and I’m doing five: we doing five together. And I’m working on an album right now, The Jaminiest Album You Ever Heard. I’m doing two version of it, a regular version and a chopped and screwed version, so that’s two albums right there. All my music is original music, I just work hard. I’m blessed because I have my own studio at home, so it’s very cost effective for me. I can do 10 or 20 songs in one day. Because of the way that I rap, and I’ve got so much material. When I was in jail I wrote like 500 songs, man, lyrics for 500 hundred songs, and I dip into those when I am doing stuff. A lot of product, and you know I make my own beats, I can make a beat in ten minutes and flow on it in five, and then before you know it you got a song in fifteen minutes, and then I go to the next one. If I set a goal to get two albums in one day I’ll do it. If you got three hundred and sixty five days in year and I’m making two albums a day, all new material, it shows how I’m doing it.


NF: That’s…That’s intense as fuck.

V: I set the Guinness Book of World Records, for the most albums released by an artist in a year, 2013. 




Hanni El Katib - Moonlight

 Sultry grooves, breve and yet savory. Thumps right along. Guitar driven, and perhaps overly rhythmic for lead guitar. Bravado resounds and overpowers. Striking impressionistic, grounded in power chords and simple drums with predictable fills. Straight forwardness feeds the head bobbing catchy vibe of the album.

 RIYL: The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Thin Lizzy


Dan Mangan + Blacksmith – Club Meds

 Something important is brewing on this album. Each song combines an intellectualization of Mangan’s personal place within music as a historical dialogue with an emotional outpouring from raw instrumentation. The album sounds like a man who is contemplating the prospects of embarking upon an epic journey or conquest upon which he begins to embark. As he contemplates though, he slowly realizes his journey has already begun and he no longer has the option to turn back.

 RIYL: Explosions in The Sky, Radiohead, The National


Sleater-Kinney – No Cities to Love

 Destroys all stereotypes as a “reunion” album. THIS IS NOT A VICTORY LAP. Energetic and raw as ever, recalls their debut album. Very fun, very confrontational.

 RIYL: Bikini Kill, DEVO, Beat Happening


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