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Week 9: Bandemonium

Week 9: Show of the Week

Karate Squids: Nov. 12 Live @ The Cave

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Week 6 Bandemonium!


Interview with Sean Carey

S. Carey played at the cave this past Thursday, and we (KRLX & the 'tonian) got to sit down and chat with him for a few minutes after the show. Here's a chunk of the transcript


Sam Keyes (KRLX): To start it off - can we hear more about your band, and how S. Carey has evolved from what you had initially intended it to be?

Sean Carey: I guess when I started, it was just an outlet for me to write my own songs and really had no expectations about where it would go and what it would be. For the first record, I assembled these guys - not all of 'em, but 3 of 'em - and we went out and toured for about a year. During that, we had a different bugle player with us... we had a clarinetest play with us for a week... and we had Ben, the guy on pedal-steel come and play. Mikey, a guy from Bon Iver came to play viola with us. But anyway, it turned into the 5 of us that became the core group. For the new record, I used them on the recording a lot and it was much more of a "band thing." I would come in with a song, just bare-bones chords, melody and lyrics, and we'd all do the arrangements together.