Applications Winter 2017: What You Need to Know

KRLX will accept applications for Winter 2017 radio shows from Wednesday, December 28 at 8am until Sunday, January 8 at 12pm (noon). Just like in prior terms, applications will be handled online at

Be advised that because of our improved scheduling tools, we will strictly enforce the published deadlines for show applications and schedule changes. No applications will be accepted late for any reason. Schedule changes must be completed 24 hours before the station begins broadcasting for the term (we’ll announce this deadline with the initial schedule).

The application and scheduling process will feel very familiar for those of you who did a show with us during Fall 2016. If you’re new to KRLX or haven’t had a show since Fall 2016, you’ll want to attend the All-DJ meeting to see how applications work, but the process is fairly straightforward and the system will walk you through every step of the way.

As always, please send any bugs, feature suggestions, or other feedback to

What’s new this term

We continue to make improvements to our show application process based on DJ feedback and strategic goals of the station. For winter term, the system is pretty much the same as fall, with just a few changes.

The biggest change is that you will now be notified (via email) as your show goes through the important stages of the process. For instance, if your time changes because of a schedule shift, you’ll be notified of the change as soon as it goes into effect. We’ll send you a copy of your application the first time you sign and submit it, just so you know what information we’ll be working with when it’s time to schedule you.

Additionally, RAs are no longer designated in show applications. This means that if your show includes an RA, you’ll need to manually declare the standard duty hours as an overnight conflict, and explain this in the scheduling notes. RAs are allowed to declare standard duty hours (Fridays and Saturdays, 9pm-7am) as an overnight conflict, but we won’t be doing this for you.

For those of you who are coming on for the first time, or if you need to update the phone number we have on file, you’ll be able to do that from your dashboard.

We’ve also made improvements to our scheduling tools, which should allow us to release the schedule even faster than before. (For reference, the schedule release for Fall Term 2016 took just 2 hours and 18 minutes. That’s barely longer than the longest radio shows on KRLX.)

There are also a few under-the-hood improvements that should make the process go smoother, but as always please let us know at if you encounter any issues.

We’re excited to hear your shows this upcoming term!

Tate Bosler is one of two IT engineers for KRLX, and is the head developer of the online show application and scheduling system used by KRLX since Spring Term 2016.