Gearing up for fall: A guide to what you should plug into your earholes!

Welcome back to school, kids.

As we at KRLX scramble to get the station up and broadcasting during third week, it behooves You, the venerated DJs of this great station, to know what new music to keep an ear out for in the coming fall months. Here, I have supplied a brief list of some of the album releases I encourage you all to peruse.


Preoccupations – Preoccupations (Out Sep 16)

I have had the great fortune of acquiring Preoccupations latest self-titled album since early August thanks to its leaking online and J-Rock’s stalwart patrolling for said leak. For a band that has consistently raised the bar for cutting-edge post punk since 2014, their first single “Anxiety” seemed a bit too on-the-nose, prompting the question “Wait, then what are all of the other songs about?” Yet, as the opening track, it establishes the dread that permeates “Monotony,” “Degraded,” and “Fever” most of all, this last track featuring the most simultaneously forlorn and catchy chorus one has ever heard (“You’re not scared, carry your fever away from here). I recommend giving Preoccupations an uninterrupted listen.


LVL UP – Return to Love (Out Sep 23)

Hoodwink’d was one of my favorite rock albums from 2014, with True Lust-reminiscent tracks like “Stoned Alone” and other fun numbers like “Annie’s a Witch” (shoutout to Sweet Sweet Anne Schulberg) and “Ski Vacation.” This album was also among my most-played while I studied abroad in Australia. Now I’m excited to hear that this band is continuing to write better songs, the new singles sounding Pavement and Silver Jews-inspired–always welcome influences in my book– with Mike Caridi, Dave Benton, and Nick Corbo harmonizing in droning vocals.


Merchandise – A Corpse Wired For Sound (Out Sep 20)

Merchandise, a band I have shown to friends and invariably been reassured I have dad-rock taste in music, is on the verge of releasing their newest A Corpse Wired For Sound. Their album After the End was another of my favorite rock albums from 2014, especially the f***ing dope dance tracks “Enemy,” “Green Lady,” and “Telephone.” Yes, I said DANCE tracks. Beware if I ever invite you over to a party at my house. Check out their single “Flower of Sex” now!


Beck’s Newest Project (Oct 21)

Beck’s thirteenth studio album is set to come out in October. All I know about it may be summarized by this video:

Giddy up.


American Wrestlers – Goodbye Terrible Youth (Out Nov 4)

Hey now! Here’s a band I first learned about thanks to the fine work KRLX’s Music Directors do every week putting new music up on the station computer. A favorite of Mr. Paco’s, American Wrestlers are back with the follow up to 2014’s excellent self-titled debut. The new single “Give Up” hints that this album is postured to be more pop-heavy, making me think a nice pairing to this album might be Cymbals Eat Guitars recent release Pretty Years.


Lambchop – FLOTUS (For Love Often Turns Us Still) (Out Nov 4)

Lambchop is an old band that I got into for the first time this summer as I was researching Merge Records best albums. “Up With People” from 2000’s Nixon is now among my most played songs of the last few weeks. The only news I know of FLOTUS is that it includes an 18-minute track called “The Hustle” and is supposed to be inspired by the music of Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and Shabazz Palaces “garbled through grocery store speakers and tiny cell phones.” I’m so freakin’ excited.