Music Director Reviews of the Week

Reality Serum 


Dope. Dope. Dope. Psychedelic and experimental beats that have clearly been thought out and push the limits of what has been done. They carve out their own sound with the beats. The rapping feels old school though and pays homage to 90s legends like Tribe Called Quest and Wu Tang Clan.


RIYL Tribe Called Quest, Cake, Linkin’ Park





Former spooky caveman noise-rockers dig into waist-deep post-apocalyptic bog grooves. Axe-grinding riffs turn to ass-grinding blips. Listen to after a rainstorm in an abandoned factory.


RIYL HEALTH, Fuck Buttons, Tyondai Braxton, Crystal Castles, Justice



The Irenes


Each song starts as a funky groove built from the bottom up. The verses stay stripped down and groovy while the choruses get into interesting pop melodies. The lead singer has a sweet voice to complement and contrast the heaviness of the low end and the quietness of the guitar.


RIYL The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Dr. Dog







De Lux 


Fast paced rhythms and talky singing. Fun, dancy and electronic. The lead singer sounds a lot like David Byrne.


RIYL LCD Soundsystem, Talking Heads, OkGo



Pure X


Texas alt-rockers third LP holds an equal chill-out vibe to previous albums with George Harrison-esque guitar licks. A mix of dream pop instrumentals and a romantic psychedelic synth. A perfect make-out album for the cool kids, holds vintage-vibe vocals similar to that of Elliot Smith.


RIYL George Harrison, Elliot Smith





Teebs creates his own forest of sounds filled with crackles and chirps. The beats are heavy and thick, but also incredibly soothing and interesting. Buzzing, whirring, loveliness.

RIYL Flying Lotus, Clams Casino, Burial